Friday, March 31, 2017

An Amazingly Lovely Afternoon

We got a bit of a late start to the day — we actually slept in, so I think we (well, 50% of us, anyway) have that jet lag thing beat.

We headed back to one of my (Gord's) favourite parts of town, along the river near the Globe Theater. We started at the Tate Gallery then wandered along the walkway, past the Golden Hind and up to Borough Market. I could spend days there. Such great food but still a bit of a zoo with all the tourists.
After a pint in one of the pubs nearby, we walked down by Tower Bridge and played tourist ourselves, taking too many pictures.

But back to the market! So much amazing food! Cheese rounds several feet across. Dried sausages. Heirloom tomatoes. So many kinds of breads. Artichokes, fish — and squid and octopus, too!

They don't mind photos being taken there — advertisements for their wares? So part of the photo-overload may come from knowing that some European markets react in the opposite way to non-buying people with cell phones.

Yum  Supper

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