Wednesday, March 29, 2017

London at Last

It seemed like a very long night but we did arrive pretty much when expected at about 2:00.
We were quick off the aircraft and finally snaked our was through Border Security, met by a customs Officer who after we explained our itinerary said "What a trip. Take me with you."
Then we managed to find the shuttle to the train station, pretty straight forward really, and into the train station. The train was due to leave in one minute and the guard said we were too late. "Catch the next Train"

We asked someone else who said "Run, you can still catch it" We pushed past the guard and down the escalator and there was the train  ready to go.  The doors were closed and we thought we had missed it.. We stood there a minute until we saw someone who  ran up and pushed a button by the nearest door,and the doors opened. It was our "Ah ha  moment." We pushed the button by our car, the door opened, we climbed on board and the train pulled out of the station.
The Gatwick - London Express lived up to its name and was pretty quick into Victoria station.
Off the train and onto the tube and got off at Earl's Court.

Our hotel, Hotel George,  is about a block and a half from the tube station. A lovely Victorian Row house converted to a hotel.

We are in the heart of Kensington, or so they claim. We wandered out for a drink before supper in a neat little pub a block away. We sipped our drinks and watched the bustle of the London rush hour with Double Decker buses, motorcycle couriers, emergency vehicles, cars and pedestrians all trying to claim their space on the narrow road.
It was lovely but  with nothing to eat but a yogurt for breakfast and nothing since, I was really fading fast.

We had a nice meal at Orjowan,  a Lebanese Restaurant and called it a night. By 9:00 I was dead to the world. At 01:00 we both woke up. I think our bodies thought it was just an afternoon nap.

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