Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Getting our Bearings

The 28E Tram goes right past our Door
Like Sevilla, Lisbon is one of those towns that's streets twist every which way so it is next to impossible to get your bearings. Add to that the hills. The first climb out my door this morning almost wore me out. We should have taken the tram but it was full to the max with tourists.

Rick Steves the travel "expert" says of Lisbon,

"Portugal's capital, is ramshackle, trendy, and charming all at once — an endearing mix of now and then. Vintage trolleys shiver up and down its hills, bird-stained statues mark grand squares, taxis rattle and screech through cobbled lanes, and Art Nouveau cafés are filled equally with well-worn and well-dressed locals — nursing their coffees side-by-side. It's a city of proud ironwork balconies, multicolored tiles, and mosaic sidewalks; of bougainvillea and red-tiled roofs with antique TV antennas; and of foodie haunts and designer boutiques. Enjoy all this world-class city has to offer: elegant outdoor cafés, exciting art, fun-to-browse shops, stunning vistas, delicious food, entertaining museums, and a salty sailors' quarter with a hill-capping castle."

I think he got it right.It is all those things. Lisbon in many ways is like Seville but a but more worn around the edges. It is however struggling to upgrade its streets and sidewalks and to improve infrastructure. It wants to be the go to place in this part of the country.
It is cosmopolitan, most people seem to speak English - which is a good thing because to me, Portuguese is incomprehensible.

The old traditional market near the waterfront is Marcado de Ribeira. One side of the market has tradition food stalls. A couple of rows of great quality vegetables and another some pretty good looking fish.

The Tradition Section
The other side has an amazing, very large food court. The stalls offer everything from piri-piri chicken, high end burgers, high quality ham with your choice of cheese, asian food, one of the local brewers has a selection and there is a selection of wine in another stall - you name it. All high end stuff.
The Food Court Section
 We wandered around the lower part of town on towards Alfama then headed back. It was hot today and not a cloud in the sky.

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