Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Off to Lisbon

We were up early and walked the half hour to the bus station and had a quick breakfast there. For some reason they were posting all the departure gates except for our bus company. When we got there there was already a gaggle of tourists, all of us wondering about the notice on th bus about the fact that we needed their name tags on our bags and that we had to get them back in the terminal. So back I trudged to get a couple of tags. They gave them to me along with a boarding pass.

When I got back the driver arrived. He said don't worry about the tags and didn't care about the boarding passes. If we had a ticket, we were good to go.

Almost everyone on the bus were on their way to the Argave in Portugal and a few for the Faro airpost but we were the only ones going on to Lisbon.

Faro has a neat old section of town with a harbour and lost of storks nesting on church steeples and other high structures. Shelley has lots of pictures that we will post later.

We had lunch in town and were served by the most surly portuguese waiter I have ever seen. We walked around a bit then boarded the train. It was a slow inter-city train and even though we were in first class the toilet wouldn't flush and there was no water to wash your hands etc.

We  had a four seat arrangement with a table in between and part way along we were joined by a couple from New Brunswick who had been in Portugal for about three weeks. They shared lots of info about Lisbon which was good, even though the introvert in our group struggled to deal with the resulting conversation overload.

We were picked up at the station and dropped off at our BnB which is quite nice.

Our place is the second floor balcony in the centre of the picture

We were done though. These travel days! We stayed in. I picked up a good bottle of wine and made pasta with what I could find in the local small grocery store.

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