Friday, May 5, 2017

The Neighbourhood

The little entry for the Ascensor da Bica
Lisbon is built on seven hills. Sometimes it feels like we are staying on four of them.We are in a neighbourhood just west of Barrio Alto in Lisbon. It isn't the hilliest part of town but it comes close.

After a few days you start to get accustomed to it and it doesn't seem as daunting as it first did.

People can ease the pain a bit by using the elevator/funicular when they can. Ours is Elevator Bico and it can help that long climb up.

Most cities would just call this a funicular but in Lisbon this is sometimes an elevador and even the Ascensor de Bica. They can's seem to make up their mind.seem to call it both.

For days we didn't really try it because we'd have to climb a big hill just so we could go down in the funicular. If we were down near the harbour it would help us get up the hill but then we would have to walk down a steep hill to get to our place. Today we said "What the hell" and we took the ride.
Sometimes I think the elevator is just full of tourists
 and the locals just walk up and down

Elevador de Santa Justa
There are several elevators in Lisbon to help out but if you live here you have to either just deal with the hills or live by the waterfront and never go up town.  All this walking keeps residents trim. I have not seen a fat person since I have been here.

I don't think there is a real schedule for these.
When one is full the both start, one up the other down
swap places then do it over again.
All Day

I am happy to report my street isn't this steep
Down one side - Up the next

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