Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mercado de la Ribera

Just across the river from where we are staying is the Mercado de la Ribera. There has been a market in that location since the fourteenth century. The current structure was built in 1928 and completely refurbished in the ear;y 2000's.  It has been completely reworked and is very bright and modern inside. It is also large, Guinness Book of Records claims it is the biggest covered market in Europe. It was fairly quiet when we wondered through but we are told Saturdays when people flood in from all the small towns around it can be bustling.

How Do You Choose One

Whole Sides of Lamb

I Had No Idea What Some of the Fish Was

Mushrooms Anyone

For anyone who like to cook the produce will wish you had a big kitchen to go back to so you could stock up and go back and prepare supper. More kinds of cheese and sausage than you could imagine, a guy who specialized in mushrooms, meat markets with whole sides of lamb, huge cuts of meat, octopus, squid, monkfish, salmon, bream  and cod. Tuna whole.  Lots of fresh vegetables as well. 

Frustrating for us living in a Airbnb with a small two burner stove and two pots.

We left empty handed.

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