Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday Evening

KIlling time before our supper reservation we walked over to the park by the Rijsmuseum and looped by the canal. What a great evening.

New tulips in front of the Rijsmuseum

The right way round this time

I'd Live Here
We had supper at The Seafood Bar which is not far from our hotel. The food was good. Their specialty seems to be huge sharing plates of mixed shellfish and crustations. Quite spectacularly presented. Shelley had the Lemon Sole which was very skillfully prepared and I had cod.

The couple next to us were from France and the woman wanted to be quite chatty. She was happy to find themselves with tables of Canadians on both sides and assumed that all Canadians spoke French which we of course did in our rudimentary manner.

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  1. Great blog, Gord! The pictures you guys are posting are fantastic and I love reading about your experiences. I'm getting excited about going to Amsterdam in a few weeks.