Monday, April 17, 2017


A short post today.

We up in good time and wandered around the corner for a Cafe Leche and a croissant to start the day. While I was getting the coffee a beggar came in and targeted Shelley who was sitting alone and swore at her when she didn't give him money. It was all over before I could react and he moved on but not the best was to start the day.

Drive in top right, Drive out top left
We walked down to the Train station and sat in the sun by the river for a while waiting as the departure time crept toward us.

The bus station in San Sebastian is attached to the train station but is underground. The busses come down a ramp on one side and bull into bays set in a circle, unload the arriving passengers and their bags, then the new passengers stow their bags, get on board, the bus back out and drives up the other ramp. The turn around takes 15 minutes. All very cool.

We caught the 11:30 bus to Bilbao. It is pretty much a 90 minute drive on good modern toll roads through the mountains.

We got a great view of the very rocky Pyrenees as we got close to our destination.

Bilbao is a pretty, hilly city. In fact it is surrounded by small mountains. The bus station is near the Estadio San Mames with a capacity of 53,289 people - eat your heart out Regina, Also not far from the Guggenheim Museum across town from where we wanted to be. It took us a bit to figure out the transit system but we managed and once downtown finding the AirBNB was a challenge as well but we managed in the time we had agreed and settled in.

Starved half to death, we wandered across the river to the old town for a late lunch of pintxos and beer and called it an afternoon

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