Wednesday, April 26, 2017

An Interesting Night Time Ritual

When planning this trip we found ourselves in transition between France and Spain Easter weekend. We thought it might be more difficult with bus and train schedules reduced and processions clogging streets so we delayed moving into spain until Easter Saturday.

We missed all the processions which almost take over some cities as a result. We thought we were done with Easter.

Last night we were walking back to our BnB, and as we approached the Santa Cruz church we noticed  a small crowd. Then we noticed a large rectangular box moving out of the church then down the street. When we got to the church steps we noticed that another box, supported by 24 or so men was moving out of the church. We and most people around had no idea what was going on. Shelley whose Spanish is getting better every day,  asked and apparently during Easter week, statues and church relics are moved to the churches for use in the processions and then the Tuesday after Easter they are returned into storage until next Easter.

It is all done in a most ritualistic manner, controlled by religious brotherhoods.We discovered that these boxes are called a paso and they can weigh up to a tonne. Each mans head is wrapped in a white cloth we tink to protect their heads because they don't appear to be taking the weight with their arms. A couple of people walk along beside them making sure they don't bump into things. They walk in step with each orders and are given by hitting the large box with a small block of wood.  It makes a loud clacking sound. It was all kind of eerie at 10:30 at night, this small procession moving slowly down darkened streets blocking traffic and mystifying tourists..

Just out of Santa Cruz Church

Navigating Narrow Streets

Off to who knows where in the night

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