Thursday, April 6, 2017

April in Paris

Our hotel is in the Latin Quarter. So what does this area have to do with Latin? The Sorbonne is in the area and back in the day every student had to take Latin so, in the coffee shops and bars you would often hear students practicing their Latin. Hence, the Latin Quarter.

Our Hotel must have the smallest elevator known to man but it did manage to squeeze in both of us and our bags - just..

We are very close to Notre Dame and Shakespeare and Company bookstore is just down the street and around the corner.

Throw some more birdseed towards the couple and get those pigeons in there
Once we were checked in we wandered down and walked by Notre Dame Cathedral. One of the first  couples we saw, aside from the mob of tourists, was a Japanese bride and groom in full regalia. "Hmmmmmm," we thought. When we wandered around the church there were three other Asian couples doing elaborate wedding photo shoots. I guess April in Paris is the place when it comes to wedding photography.

We wandered off shaking our heads

Not Quite as Menacing in the Daytime
We then wandered down to the Eastern point of Isle de la Cite (That is the island that Notre Dame is on) When I was a kid I remember old black and white spy movies where double agents, dressed in trench coats and fedora hats, exchanged information with East Germans on foggy nights. Usually a shot would ring out and the drop would be foiled. The culprit would fade off into the mist.

It wasn't quite the same in the daylight with no fog but it brought back those memories none the less.

Then we climbed back up onto the bridge and discovered we were on Pont Neuf where the famous lover's locks cover the railings.
No Sign of Isabeau's Yet

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  1. That's a lot of pigeons for a wedding photo! Different than releasing a bunch of white doves into the air anyway. Looks like you two are having a good time for sure.