Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Well, Who Knew?

The Guardian this morning published the ten best pintxo bars in Bilbao and as it turns out one is right outside our window, They say that Peso Neto is  "... is the cool and popular all-purpose hostelry you dream of having on your doorstep: a place for coffee, lunch, dinner – possibly every day."

When we got the apartment the person who let us in said there was nothing but bad food in the area and to go to the old quarter. I just tipped off the Airbnb host who said she has to upgrade her tips on places to eat.

WE had always been somewhere else for lunch so didn't realize that they were doing so well with their pintxos and with the cold we are dragging around we have not been on the street late.

When we walked by this afternoon there was a guy out front playing his guitar and singing. There is a small square out front with buildings all around and that creates great acoustics. All very cool.
Outside Peso Neto

We decided our last night in Bilbao to drop in. The bartender was very sweet, she practiced her English and Shelley practiced her spanish. We had a couple of glassed of wine and wondered about supper. The kitchen should be ready by 8:00 or 8:30 she assured us. We said "Sure." When the kitchen was set to go we got the first order in. It was 8:50.

They purchased the bar about two years ago. It was described as "An old man bar" but they are turning it into a hip place to eat but there are still a few of the old locals hanging around. Like the blind guy drinking very large gin and tonics who was three sheets to the wind, managing to work his way through the room with his white cane. I kept thinking he was going to clean off tables with his back pack. They were very tolerant.

The room has several wooden heads carved by a local artist, Shelley asked the bartender for his name. It is Klko Millares. They are cool and creepy at the same time. You can see more of his stuff at his website. If you missed the link it is back there a sentence or two.

All the main courses were served in square Mason style jars. Very good and imaginative.

We couldn't stay late. We had a 6:30 train to catch.

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