Saturday, April 8, 2017

Paris is on High Alert

Paris is on high alert. Heavy police presence almost every where.The last time I was in Paris there was a high security presence but not like this. Police patrol the streets in threes usually one of them is carrying an automatic weapon.

France offers a free app which will warn you when there is a specific alert in your area.

At The Eiffel Tower there were cops with sub machine guns around the perimeter and inside the security cordon you have to now go through to get close to the tower.
Even after that these is a bag search at the washroom. 

We saw police on bikes carrying automatic weapons and heavily armed army personnel patrolling as well. Sacre Cour was the same and there they were again around Notre Dame in the evening. These are not the sort of guys tourists want selfies with.

Yesterday two helicopters, one large gunship and a smaller one patrolled up and down the Seine most of the day.

Note - The Paris Prefecture issued a twitter message saying - Don't panic. It is just the filming of another Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Movie.

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