Monday, April 24, 2017

We were up in good time and off to the train station at Barcelona Sants. Without much delay of fanfare we got on board one of Renfe's high speed trains to Seville. We took what seemed to me to be the long way. First North West to Zaragoza then south, we skirted Madrid then into Saville. What ever the route it was pretty cool to be going up to 301 kph.
I am not Sure She Was Keen On Me Taking Her Picture

It was beautiful and varied country. To the West to and South of Zaragoza it was dry, much like the interior of B.C. or parts of California but it changed to flat rich farm land and finally quite hilly with huge orange orchards and olive groves then down into Seville.

We made it to the BnB without too much trouble, settled in. Funky is the best way to describe it. We  then walked through the old section and had a beer and some tapas at a small local restaurant. We then wandered the narrow twisty streets, down to the cathedral and back for a rest before supper. A GPS is almost a necessity here. Easy to get lost.

Seville is very different to the places we have been so far. I like it. It just has a great feel. A different sort of tourist. Not as much conspicuous consumption. Whet ever it is I like it.

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