Sunday, April 9, 2017

Our Last Day in Paris

Sunday morning and we were up relatively early. We walked a block over and got a couple of Cafe au lait and two croissants and were ready to set out. We walked across Isle de la Cite and down the Seine to the Louvre.
Who knew, the Paris Marathon was on.

Despite warning to the contrary the line up was no worse than British customs at Gatwick so we were in without too much delay.

As Expected Mona was Quite Busy
The Louvre is huge with many stairs to climb. You could spend a week and not see it all. Truly mind boggling.

Kind of a nice way to earn a living
We walked up from the Louvre to the Champs de Elysees through the throngs to the L'arc de Triomphe. You may be disappointed to hear that we skipped the opportunity to drive a Ferrari for 20 minutes for 90 Euros.

Nice End to an Afternoon
It was hot and there were so many people hanging around after the marathon we jumped onto the Metro and headed back to the Latin Quarter.

We found a nice little sidewalk cafe a block from our hotel, bought a bottle of Chablis, a cheese plate some smokes sausage and chilled out for a while.

We'll go our a bit later and enjoy the evening but tomorrow we head to the Gare de Lyon and take the train to Carcassonne.

Notre Dame our last Evening

Another Tour Boat Down the River
This evening was wonderfully warm and the locals and tourists were out en force. As we approached the Church the gargoyles were particularly impressive silhouetted against the full moon. Oh to have a telephoto lens and a tripod.

 On one pedestrian bridge in-line skaters had set up an obstacle course and were showing off their skating skills. Lots of people.

It is as if the last pedestrian bridge about mid-point past Notre Dame is an invisible line and the masses of tourists don't venture much past. And they certainly don't head down to river level but we did.
Along the bank of the Seine small groups sat together sharing some beer, or wine and snacks, Having an evening picnic and enjoyed the evening watching the tour boats go up and down, or played games of cards and listened to music.

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