Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sevilla and Ceramics

Seville bursts with colour.Ceramic hand painted tile is everywhere. Not only on Moorish arches and street signs but on walls, ceilings, floors, steps, benches, even bridges pop with hand painted tiles. The Moors first produced pottery here in the 12th century using techniques still being used today.

Some of the design in older tile was made by pressing clay onto hand carved wooden moulds. My notes aren't as good as I'd like but I think they are 12th or 13th century. These are rough to the touch and whole walls were covered in these tiles.

In an effort to bring some of the religious art out of the churches and onto the street religious ceramic tile murals and pieces the size of posters.

Shelley found this amazing curved ceramic piece on the corner of a building along a street. 
Before Easter in 1986, Jose Portal Navarro was acting as a costalero, one of the men carrying a paso as a part of a procession. He was doing it as a prayer for his father who had cancer. During the procession he suffered a massive heart attack and died on that street corner. The ceramic work is a tribute to him.

Trim and decoration
Risers on Stairs

On a Bench

Bridge Railings

Neighbourhoods and streets

Restaurants and bars advertised their wares.

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