Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Older Traditional Houses are Tall and Thin in Amsterdam

Building was always a challenge here. Most of Amsterdam, and much of Holland, is built in reclaimed salt marsh. Everything in built on pilings.

Houses are, in the older sections all attached side by side. They are tall and thin. Staircases are steep and twisted. Some B&B's I checked out said, "If you can't handle your suitcases up three flights of steep, narrow staircases perhaps you should consider going somewhere else because we can't do it for you"

Because getting furniture up these stairs is impossible houses are built with a beam and hook sticking out from near the peak. If a large piece had to be moved into the house they used the hook and a block and tackle to pull the object up to the top and in a window. Some houses are build with a slight slant in the front to make this easier.

The beam and hook are still used today but some moving companies have found an easier way. A telescoping ladder/elevator. Up it goes. The table or whatever is placed on the platform, down it goes and into the truck.

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