Friday, April 14, 2017

The TGV to Bordeaux

The TVG in Carcassonne Station
The TGV may be a misnomer. We were 50 minutes late leaving Paris and now our train from Carcassonne to Bordeaux in an hour and a half behind schedule. Pretty basic train station to wait in here in Carcassonne.
Update: Our train disappeared from the departures board altogether then I had to argue in my rudimentary French about how to get to Bordeaux. At this point we are getting on a 1:35 train and will leave it to the conductor to find us a seat.
Update: It became 2:00 before we climbed on board the regional inter city train. (Our train is now 3 hours 20 minutes late) It was so full that by the time we boarded in what was supposed to be 1st class, 4 people were sitting on the floor between the train cars.
We had to stand until Toulouse then I managed a seat with Shelley sitting on her bag. Hard to be grouchy about it, Everyone is in the same boat.
So we got Bordeaux eventually, We walked out and the first hotel we saw was the Regina Hotel.
It would have felt welcoming if we had been able to find a cab.
It is a holiday long weekend and everyone is struggling to get out of town, the Bordeaux Marathon is this weekend and traffic was gridlocked. When we did find a cab, with the traffic it cost me a Euro just to get out of the train station.
Got checked in, Great hotel. Two upgrades in a row now. Tomorrow's offering in San Sebastian will be a bit of a come down. We walked along the river for a while then had dinner in the old section with a bottle of St Emilion.
All is right in the world again

The things you learn -The Germans built U-boat pens in Bordeaux just up the river from where we are staying

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