Friday, April 28, 2017

The Waffle

Near the edge of the old section of town in a more commercial area of town sits what might be the most unusual downtown structure I have seen for some time. La Metropol Parasol replaced an old market that had deteriorated to the point that it had to be torn down and the space had become a parking lot..

It was intended to add an architectural landmark to draw attention to Savilla the way that the Guggenheim Museum had to Bilbao. We are not sure it succeeded. The waffle design parasol   is a eye catching meeting place and provides shade on hot summer days however.

I have seen some impressive photographs of the parasol but I think you need a very wide angle lens to do it justice.

I bought a hat because of the sun then it started to rain
There are stairways up and into the parasol and apparently great views from the top. Unfortunately when we were there it was starting to rain and it was lunch time anyway.

Funny the things that jump out at you like the Regina Hotel across the street from the train station in Bordeaux. This is a shot looking down Regina Street in Sevilla.

Regina Street

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