Saturday, April 8, 2017

In Many Ways a City Designed to Live In

The way people live in Paris is interesting in that the city, a bustling metropolis, caters to people who live within in it. In many Canadian cities if you live in the centre and don't have a car it is very difficult to shop for groceries for example.

Outside our hotel, if you walk around the block, which of because of how the streets meet is actually a triangle, there are at least four small fruit and vegetable stores, three flower shops and three bakeries. There are sidewalk cafes, places grab a quick coffee, a Greek specialty store and even an outdoor store.

My Morning croissant spot

 A Greek specialty store with take out
hummas, octopus and squid salad, dolmas, horitiki salad
and of course Greek wine

Flowers and pots of beautiful fresh herbs

Our Local grocery store

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